Hard Disk Manager

Hard Disk Manager 15


Backup, Disaster Recovery and Disk Optimization for Servers and Workstations

The most comprehensive, all-in-one Backup, Disaster and System Optimization solution available today. Driven by the latest Image-Based technology, the award winning Hard Disk Manager 15 (HDM15) solution will keep your data available and ensure that your servers and workstations are running at peak performance

  • Innovative backup imaging technology (pVHD, VHD, VMDK) significantly improves automatic backup routines
  • The only integrated and comprehensive solution for backup and disaster recovery, partitioning, migration and data management
  • Connect and work with virtual containers as if they were physical disks for partitioning, backup and maintenance
  • Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines

Robust, Simple and Effective Backup and DR

Innovative backup imaging technology is 10x faster than file level solutions

Single click incremental restores

Task scheduling and scripting

Advanced Virtual Drive Technology including: Re-mote connection of virtual drives, Operations with virtual disks as if they were physical (Connect VD), Manage virtual drives in a non-destructive mode

File-level backup/restore for virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX,VMDK)

Schedule unattended backup operations with set-and-forget backup policies

File Recovery from individual file restore of Backup Images

Exchange Granular Recovery to get transparent access to backup mail

System and Disk Lifecycle Management

Live imaging and migration of Windows systemsMigrate servers to physical or virtual hardware (P2V and V2P)The fastest and safest partitioning engine availablePartition alignment automatically optimizes the drive for performance and longevityRecovery environments create comprehensive WinPE-based & Linus based boot mediaBoot Corrector fixes common Windows Boot Issue without restore HDM-Standard-Technician-License

Encryption and Secure Wiping

Windows BitLocker support in combination with pVHD

Encryption as well as password protection

10 wipe algorithms including military and government data erasure standards of several countries to destroy all on disk information or only remnants of deleted files / directories without affecting the used data

Wiping SSDs: proper irreversible secure data destruction on SSD storage devices

Latest Hardware and Software Support

Support of VMware ESX 4.x/5.x, ESXi 4.x/5.x, VMware Server, MS Hyper-V R1/R2, Virtual Server, Virtual PC 2007, Windows Virtual PC, Oracle Virtual Box 1.0-4.x, VMware Player, Workstation 10.0, Fusion

Complete support of GPT/uEFI configurations to successfully clone, migrate, virtualize or restore a 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI-based boot mode; to fix uEFI related boot problems

Support for any Windows OS since XP SP3 including the latest Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Latest hardware support, including all SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers, SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks, Blu-ray drives, USB 1.x/2.0/3.0 and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices, PC card storages, and many more…

Support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks

Support for Microsoft dynamic disks (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5)

Support for Windows Storage Spaces

Support for Apple Boot Camp configurations

Unmatched Customer Service

Paragon’s “TAS” Technology Assurance & Support group is staffed by engineers based here in the USA

Free product updates with supported maintenance agreement

Free engineering based Phone support with maintenance agreement

Easy upgrades to the level of maintenance agreement that fits your business requirements

Backup and Recovery

Any existing backup techniques Sector and file level backups with differential or incremental updates as well as an exclusive file complement
Any backup destination Local mounted/un-mounted partitions, external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network shares, FTP/SFTPs servers as well as the secured hidden partition (Backup Capsule)
Smart Backup Wizard Back up exactly what you need, with the best backup technique automatically chosen according to the type of data you wish to protect
Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines Unlike traditional backup tools designed to work with physical machines, our product can operate at the virtualization layer, employing MS VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to agentlessly backup/restore any guest machine of Hyper-V. Thus our solution doesn’t need an agent on a target virtual machine to create its point-in-time copy including its configuration, operating system, apps, etc.
Backup to VD Wizard Back up separate partitions or entire hard disks to the pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive) format – a special VHD, optimized for storing backups of virtual and physical machines
Restore from VD Wizard Restore entire hard disks, separate partitions, or certain files and folders from pVHD (available under Windows, WinPE1, and Linux)
File-level backup/restore for virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK) Paragon’s innovative backup imaging technology now opens up the option of creating file-level virtual containers (full, incremental, as well as file complements), thus offering users rock-stable, high-performance technology to protect system and data not only on sector-level, but file-level as well.
Incremental Backup to VD Back up changes since the full, or the latest incremental image. It’s allowed to maintain several incremental chains based on one full image, provided each chain contains changed data of a particular backup object(s). To effectively manage backup contents and cut on backup storage requirements, the last increment in the chain is allowed to merge with the previous one, thus updating its contents. Incremental imaging for virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VMDK) works much faster and rock-stable in comparison with the old PBF
Retention Wizard for VD Set up unattended backup operations involving regular creation of full or incremental virtual containers controlled by special backup data retention policies. This tool is fully compliant with the so called set-and-forget backup strategies:

  • It can process separate partitions or entire hard disks
  • It can do full and incremental images
Incremental disk imaging Unlike differentials, increments may not only contain data changed since the time of creating a full archive, but one of its increments as well, thus allowing to save more time and the backup storage. With this type of disk imaging method our company has introduced an innovative technology that boosts efficiency of the network backup by 200%
Selective Restore Easily extract files and folders from a backup image through the Restore Wizard without the need to restore an entire image
P2P Adjust OS Wizard1 Successfully migrate a Windows physical system to a different hardware platform (P2P).
Hot Processing Options Live backup is a key feature for any backup software. The product has a highly flexible, improved configuration for two different methods of hot processing: Paragon HotBackup and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
Backup and Restore to or from FTP/sFTP Directly write your backups to an FTP server. Using sFTP, the data transfer to the external server will be protected and encrypted
GPT/uEFI compatible Backup Capsule Build a WinPE-based bootable backup capsule for your 64-bit Windows system resided on GPT to successfully start up PC from it in case of emergency
Improved write-operations by using asynchronous backup Improve the speed of the backup processing by using asynchronous writing operations
Encryption and password protection for backups To avoid unauthorized access to your backup files, you can easily encrypt them within our backup wizards
Comprehensive recovery environments Three types to choose from, based on the latest Linux, DOS, and WinPE1, available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray, thumb drives or Backup Capsule
Paragon Recovery Media Builder 3.0 Instead of two utilities downloaded from Paragon’s website (BMB and RMB), the new RMB 3.0 is now embedded into the product. Combining the best of the two utilities, it can boast more options, usability, and stability:

  • Prepares Linux or WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive, in an ISO or PXE image
  • Doesn’t obligatory require Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) or Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) on Windows 7 and later platforms
  • Can build WinPE-based media on Windows XP, Vista, if there’s WAIK installed in the system
  • Allows injecting additional drivers for storage devices, network controllers, USB controllers, or system during setup
  • Enables to set up a network connection with a pre-mounted network share during setup
  • Prepares hybrid (both, uEFI and BIOS compatible) 64-bit recovery environment on flash or in an ISO image
UIM (Universal Image Mounter) Mount pVHD backup images (full, incremental, and encrypted) to browse their contents and retrieve data both, in the program and directly under Windows OS
Disaster recovery for Apple Boot Camp2  Protect dual-boot Macs from the Windows side or in the Linux or WinPE recovery environments

Partitioning and Optimization

Partitioning Engine Paragon implemented a completely new engine for all partitioning tasks. The result is a very strong partitioning engine that works generically with all modern hard drive technologies
Basic and Advanced Partitioning Create, format, delete, undelete, hide or unhide partition; set partition active/inactive; set, change or remove drive letter; change hard disk partition label (Volume Label); convert file systems without formatting; check file system integrity; run complete surface test
Split partitions You can separate OS and data or different types of data by splitting one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system
Merge Partitions Consolidate the disk space, from two adjacent partitions (NTFS, FAT16/FAT32), into a single, larger partition
Redistribute Free Space Increase free space on one partition by utilizing the on-disk unallocated space and the unused space of other partitions
Automatic partition alignment3 Optimize performance of your hard disk during partitioning/copy operations and restoring a backup image to new hard drives (not all operations are supported)
Convert dynamic to basic MBR disks Convert a dynamic MBR or GPT disk containing simple volume(s) into a basic MBR disk
Convert basic MBR to basic GPT disks Enjoy all benefits of the newest partitioning scheme with minimal effort
Convert basic GPT to basic MBR disks Convert a basic GPT disk containing simple volume(s) into a basic MBR disk
Boot Corrector4 Fix most of the system boot problems that result from human or program error, or a boot virus activity
Boot Manager Easily manage several operating systems on one computer (32-bit version only)
HFS file systems conversion Convert any version of NTFS file system to Apple HFS and vice versa without reformatting

Data Copy and Migration

Copy/Restore to dissimilar sector size Copy or restore contents of a 512-byte hard disk to a 4k hard disk with no additional actions from your side
Full range of copying operations Copy a full hard disk or a separate partition, and resize a partition while copying
Migrate OS to SSD Move any Windows OS since XP from a regular hard disk to a fast SSD (Solid State Drive) even of a smaller capacity, thanks to advanced data exclusion capabilities
GPT Loader Support of GPT drives and modern high capacity disks (2.2TB+) under Windows XP for storing data
File exclude for Copy HDD When copying a partition or a complete hard drive to a new device, you can now easily exclude data you want to exclude from the copy process
Migrate OS to dissimilar hardware Migrate existing systems and make them bootable in a new hardware environment


P2V Copy / P2V Adjust OS Migrate a physical system to a virtual environment in the online mode and make the OS start up after unsuccessful migration or virtualization with third-party tools
Refactored P2V Restore Wizard Instead of the old PBF-based backup images, you can now use virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK). It´s the ideal solution to do P2V out of backup image scenarios. The use of virtual containers significantly improves the performance and usability for P2V migration operations.
P2V Restore Restore a physical system from a backup directly to a virtual environment
V2V / V2P Migrate a virtual system from one virtual environment to another, or migrate a virtual system to a physical environment
Connect VD Connect a virtual disk as if it’s an ordinary physical disk and open up all physical-disk functionality in a virtual environment
Read-only mode for virtual disks Mount a virtual disk in read-only mode to make sure no data is altered on the virtual disk during copy or other operations
Resume operations on virtual volumes Hard Disk Manager is now able to resume any operation with a virtual volume in case of disconnection or any other unexpected situation
Support for major virtual machines MS Virtual PC, VMware Workstation 10.0, VMware Fusion and Oracle VirtualBox 4

Data Wiping

Data Wiping Destroy all on-disk information or only remnants of deleted files/directories with 10 wiping methods: a custom algorithm, the US DoD 5220.22-M military standard, Russian GOST R 50739-95, US Navy, British HMG Infosec, German VSItR, Australian ASCI 33, Guttman’s, Schneier’s and Paragon’s Algorithm
Wiping SSD Wipe SSDs of most manufactures very user-friendly and permanently!

Supported Technologies and Operating Systems

Support for Apple HFS+ Not only resize, but also create, format, or get read only access to this file system through our program
Complete uEFI Support Adjust your 64-bit Windows system configured to the uEFI boot mode to successfully start up OS on another hard disk after copy/restore, or in a virtual environment after P2V migration in Windows, WinPE** or Linux
Support for the latest HDD standards Enjoy support for AFD (Advanced Format Drive), 2TB+ and non-512B sector size drives
Support for USB 3.0 Manage external hard drives more effectively by using all the benefits of a USB 3.0 interface
BitLocker Support Back up, restore or copy volumes encrypted by this security feature
Windows Storage Spaces Support Copy, back up, restore, or resize Windows Storage Spaces directly in our program
Scheduling for any operations Set a time table for any operations to automatically be executed later
Check FS Integrity and Data Loss Policies Specify the acceptable balance between the operation performance and the risk of data loss
User-friendly Interface The user interface is now fully compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface, offering a Metro-style Express Launcher and a ribbon-based full scale launcher
Revised Graphical User Interface (GUI) The GUI of Hard Disk Manager 15 has been revised. It is now easier to find particular functions. Legacy functions that deal with the old Paragon’s backup container (.pbf) are hidden by default but can be called through a special legacy view.

System Requirements

Supported Operating System Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Professional Windows XP Home
Supported Storages 2.2TB+ Hard disk drives AFD (Advanced Format Drives)Non-512B sector size drives SSD (Solid State Drive)HDDCD-R/RWDVD-R/RWDVD+R/RWDVD+/-R (DL)BD-RBD-RE
Supported Partitioning Schemes Windows Storage Spaces Support MBR (Master Boot Record) GPT (GUID-Partition Table)Microsoft Dynamic Disk (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5)
For WinPE environment Intel Pentium III CPU or its equivalent, with 100 MHz processor clock speed At least 1 GB of RAM SVGA Video adapter and monitor Mouse
For Linux/DOS Environmental CPU: Intel Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz or higher processor 256 MB of Ram SVGA Video Adapter and monitor Mouse
Supported Computer Bus Interfaces Complete uEFI support Parallel ATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)External SATA (eSATA) SCSI iSCSIUSB (Universal Serial Bus)1.x/2.0/3.0IEEE 1394 (FireWire)All types of RAIDS (hardware and software)PC or PCMCIA Card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)
Supported File Systems NTFS (v1.2,v3.0,v3.1)FAT16FAT32Linux Ext2FSLinux Ext3FSLinux Ext4FSLinus SwapApple HFS+Other file systems (in the sector-by-sector mode)With Bitlocker encrypted hard disks
For Windows Installation CPU: Intel Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz or higher processorRAM: At least 256 MB (512 MB or greater recommended)Disk Space: 250 MB Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
* Free Upgrade for Windows 10 support will be available only through Paragon MyAccount. We will inform our customers via mail about the availability.
1 P2P Adjust OS is only available for WinPE bootable recovery environment (WinPE bootable media can be created with the help of Paragon Recovery Media Builder 3.0
2 In combination with Apple Boot Camp configuration only with the bootable WinPE CD / DVD possible. Macs cannot be booted from the Paragon WinPE recovery environment on a USB stick.
3 Automatic partition alignment is always active during create/move operations, active during redistribute free space/resize operations only when the left partition boundary is affected, active during copy/restore operations with resize only.
4 Boot Corrector is only available for bootable recovery environments.
5 With the embedded Paragon Recovery Media Builder 3.0, you can easily create a WinPE recovery environment.

Hard Disk Manager 15 – Discover How It Works:

Optimal performance, clear structure and safety for your data by partitioning

All your data – documents, favorite music, movies and family photos – as well as your operating system (OS) hold on one partition? This may negatively affect the system. The Split Partition Wizard helps you to split one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system. If you’d like to separate OS and data it’s exactly what you need. Advantage: Your files are protected in the separate partition – even when required to reinstall the operating system.

Need a reliable backup solution for your data?

A one-time full backup of the entire computer followed by regular differential backups keep the latest status of your PC safe at all times.
Why not to automate backup routines by scheduling operations? Hard Disk Manager handles your backup tasks automatically – from backing up the entire system, individual partitions or just selected files.

Accessing backup data at any time?

The Universal Image Mounter (UIM) gives you full access to your secured files at all times. Simply map a backup archive as a network drive and the files it contains will already be accessible, just like they would be with a normal hard disk.

Bought a new PC? Continue using your old PC’s applications in a virtual environment

When it’s time to upgrade to a new PC and operating system, you may find that some of your favorite applications haven’t yet been updated. Using Hard Disk Manager, you can make a virtual clone of your old system before migrating to a new computer. Take advantage of an up-to-date powerful computer while still having access to favorite applications from your old computer.

Working on important files? Effectively manage backup processes!

Protect important data and never lose control of the latest version of your assignments, presentation documents or research projects. File-based backup is ideal for archiving separate files or folders. It is easy and efficient when creating backup chains. Additional protection for especially important files: You can use the file complement wizard to add top-priority files to existing backups outside of the general backup cycle.

Be prepared to restore everything back exactly like it was

Creating archives of partitions is the best way to secure your software environment — including the operating system, applications and data. Full copies of disks and partitions will allow you to recover your system to a working state within several minutes. Place your archives where you want them: internal or external hard disk, FTP/SFTP server, a special environment or on optical media.

New Hardware? Why not move over everything you need to the new machine?

Hard Disk Manager will help you transfer your entire Windows system, separate partitions or data to new hardware. Its handy intuitive Migrate OS to SSD wizard performs fast and safe Windows migrations to new storage devices (HDD or SSD). You can move data to SSD with redundant data exclusion, allowing issue-free downsize to a smaller capacity drive.

PC or SSD to pass? Wipe private data reliably before

As your devices age, you will someday decide to get rid of them. You may sell, donate or simply throw away used computers, disk drives and removable media, but not before you wipe all your data. Even if you delete files and re-format disks, the data they contain can easily be recovered with help of special utilities. To secure sensitive information, the Hard Disk Manager Wipe wizard can help easily and securely delete data from any type of storage media. New: irreversible secure data destruction on SSD storage devices!

Computer does not boot? No problem with a bootable recovery medium in your pocket

Be well prepared for all eventualities. Create your recovery environment on a USB flash drive or save it as an ISO file, then burn a bootable CD/DVD. If disaster strikes, you will always have Paragon’s tools for hard disk editing or data recovery in your pocket – even if your system won’t boot up anymore. Just restart your PC using your previously created recovery medium and you benefit from useful features to back up and restore your system and data.

Express Launcher provides quick and easy access to wizards and utilities that we consider worth using on a regular basis. With its help you can also start up the traditional launcher, the help system or go to the program’s home page.
Main Launcher helps to run wizards and dialogs, to specify program settings, to visualize the operating environment and the hard disk configuration.
Split Partition Wizard
This wizard helps you to split one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system. If you’d like to separate OS and data or different types of data it’s exactly what you need. The wizard offers much flexibility – you can select any files and/or folders you want to be on the new partition. Besides you’ve got the option to redistribute free space between the two partitions.
Merge Partitions Wizard
The wizard enables to consolidate the disk space, which originally belongs to two adjacent partitions, into a single, larger partition. The program provides the ability to merge only NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32 partitions.
Backup to Virtual Disk Wizard
The wizard helps you to back up entire hard disks, separate partitions or selected files and folders to a virtual disk container.
Incremental Backup to VD Wizard allows creation of complex incremental chains, where each new increment describes the changes between the current state of the backup object (the entire system, a particular disk or volume) and the previous state. Moreover there’s the option to create several chains based on one base image, provided each chain contains changed data of a particular object(s).
Restore from Virtual Disk Wizard
helps to restore entire hard disks, separate volumes, or particular files/folders from a previously created virtual container (pVHD, VMDK, VHD) either to the original or new location.
P2V (Physical to Virtual) – Restore Wizard
lets you turn your pVHD-based backup into a virtual machine with ease. Whereas earlier virtualization operations required you to set time-consuming background processes to adapt the structure of your backup and a virtual environment, with a pVHD backup, all you have to do is “unpack” it.
P2V (Physical to Virtual) – Adjust Wizard
This wizard will help you adjust Windows OS inside your virtual disk to a new virtual machine
P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) – Copy Wizard
The wizard will help you copy entire hard disks or separate volumes to a new virtual machine.
The Hard Disk Manager 15 includes a new function for backing up MS Hyper-V guest systems without using an agent. For instance, if you are working on one or more Hyper-V guest systems on your Windows computer, you can use the Hard Disk Manager’s backup tools to automatically back these systems up.
System Migration
The utility Migrate OS to SSD will help you copy the operating system, programs and data to another HDD or SSD.
Wipe Wizard
helps to irreversibly destroy all on-disk information or only remnants of deleted files/directories left on disk without affecting the used data. Updated disk wiping technology now gives you deletion functions for SSDs and erases SSD data safely without shortening the SSD’s service life!
Recovery Media Builder 3.0
The user-friendly program assistant helps you prepare either Linux or WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive or in an ISO image format. The rescue media will allow start up of your computer for maintenance or recovery purposes when OS is corrupted or cannot be used.
WinPE Bootable Recovery Environment
If disaster strikes, you will always have Paragon’s tools for hard disk editing or data rescue at your fingertips – even if your system won’t boot up anymore. Just restart your PC using your previously created “Rescue USB-Stick” or “Recovery CD/DVD” and you have a number of useful features for backup and restore your system and data.

Custom Furniture Manufacturer with Multiple Locations Can Relax with Paragon Hard Disk Manager in Place for Disaster Recovery, Backed by Superior Customer Support

“Having worked with Paragon on prior engagements, we knew the customer service would be top-notch, which was an important factor for our customer.”— Canute Underwood, Senior Account Executive, MicroAge

“Paragon Software Enhances Data Security for Advantage Federal Credit Union”

When our server went down, the ability to be able to restore an image to dissimilar hardware as a temporary fix was amazing. You people really know your product” – Sesto Colilli, AFCU

North Coast Life Protects Insurance Data with Paragon Drive Backup

“One month after purchasing Paragon’s Drive Backup Server, one of our main web servers running RAID 5 lost a drive and refused to allow a new drive to be introduced into the RAID. Paragon to the rescue! It only took 25 minutes and our web server running Windows 2003 Server was back up and running.” —Jeff Shaver, Director Information Systems, North Coast Life

“Paragon’s Drive Backup Delivers Affordable Backup and Instant System Recovery”

As a Paragon partner we have found much success with their products. So much so that we have been phasing out other vendor’s backup software and deploying Paragon solutions instead.” – Naylan Corridon, Vice President of Solutions, Argonaut Solutions Group

“Drive Backup Server Provides University Graduate School with Disaster Recovery Plan”

“The speed of recovery was hands down faster than other products I’ve tried,” – Jon Heywood, Computer Systems Administrator, WSU

“IT Manager Saves Three Hours a Day and Enjoys Seamless Upgrades with Paragon’s Drive Backup”

“Paragon has saved me about three hours/day not including the hour or two I would spend on troubleshooting the old software. Since I can rely on it, I no longer have to spend time figuring out why my backup didn’t run, Paragon just works!” – David Hoffmann, IT Manager, IUPUI

Product Size Manuals
Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium User Manual 7.3 MB
Product Size Manuals
Hard Disk Manager 15 Datasheet 7.3 MB

Hard Disk Manager – Advanced System Backup

 Description Part Number Product Details MSRP
Hard Disk Manager 15 – Site Backup for up to 25 Seats – Unlimited Physical Servers, Virtual Servers and Workstations 299PMEVESL25 Single Site License for Physical Servers, Virtual Hosts and Workstations: Includes Server P2V, Exchange Granular Recovery, Retention Wizard, 1 year of Technology Assurance & Technical Support $1,399
Hard Disk Manager 15 – Advanced Server Backup 299PMEVESB Single License for a Physical Server or Virtual Server Host: Unlimited number of VMs on 1 host – Includes Server P2V, Exchange Granular Recovery, Retention Wizard, 1 year of Technology Assurance & Technical Support $349
Hard Disk Manager 15 –  Advanced Workstation Backup 299PREPLWB Single License for a Workstation:  – Includes Workstation P2V, Advanced Partitioning, Retention Wizard, 1 year of Technology Assurance & Technical Support $69

Retention Wizard for VD guides users through the process of setting up scheduled backups, while defining a storage location and retention values for ongoing backups.
Note: Available within the Professional, Business and Premium Editions of Hard Disk Manager