Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Today, Paragon’s Protect & Restore (PPR) and Hard Disk Manager (HDM) are the solutions for any Backup, Disaster Recovery and Disk Optimization for unified environments and individual systems.  Paragon offers a simplified solution with their products. PPR offers unified site licensing to centrally manage workstations, while packageing HDM in a toolkit where IT professionals can complete all their IT task in one product. These two products make it easier to deploy and maintain any Backup and Recovery need to ensure business continuity at attractively low costs.


Unified Backup and Disaster Recovery

Paragon Protect & Restore (PPR) offers a robust, high performance backup and best-in-class recovery capabilities for Physical Servers, Virtual Hosts and even Workstations in a SINGLE product packed conveniently in a centrally managed user friendly solution. It offers enterprise class functionality such as Deduplication and Remote Replication. PPR is the ideal solution for IT professionals who manage infrastructures of all sizes, from 1 server to 1,000’s.

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Server & Workstation System Backup and Disk Optimization

Hard Disk Manager 15 (HDM) imaging solution keeps data available and ensures that servers and workstations are running at peak performance. Its Innovative backup imaging technology (pVHD, VHD, VMDK) significantly improves automatic backup routines. HDM is the only integrated and comprehensive solution for backup and disaster recovery, partitioning, migration and data management. HDM connects and works with virtual containers as if they are physical disks for partitioning, backup and maintenance.

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