IT Essentials Toolkit

HDM 15 IT Essentials Toolkit


HDM 15 – the IT Essentials Toolkitfor today’s Technology Professional – Paragon’s most advanced suite of System Optimization utilities to take care of your everyday Disk Management and System Optimization tasks more effectively. Repeatedly awarded Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine, this robust, comprehensive solution includes it all:

  • Imaging, Deployment & Redeployment– Perfect for both servers and workstations
  • P2V Virtualization for DR or Protected System Maintenance
  • Hardware Indifferent Bare Metal Restore
  • Server Migrations – Move applications & operating systems to new hardware with ease
  • Advanced Partitioning and Disk Optimization – Get the most from your hard drives
  • Secure Data Wiping & Destruction – Military grade security algorithms ensure data is destroyed
  • Boot Corrector, WinPE and so much more

Today’s IT Pro has a full plate with no time to switch from tool to tool to close out assignments. See how Paragon’s HDM 15 takes the headache out of the most routine to the most complex IT task all in one product with one interface; HDM 15 – the “IT Essentials Toolkit”.

Imaging and Deployment

Easily create and execute an imaging and deployment process for your Windows based systems ~ Upgrade storage with minimal impact on business activities ~ Fast copy/clone for migration to new HDDs, SSDs or evento different hardware configurations.

Migration and Virtualization

Simple and robust P2V functionality ~ Migrate a Windows system from practically any source to any target – Moving a Windows system to new hardware has never been easier! Virtualize your running system, copy existing virtual machines with just a few clicks, and adapt them for use with a different hypervisor (e.g. from VMware Workstation to MS Hyper-V). Virtualize a physical server that you want to retire, Virtualize a server before conducting migrations to ensure availability of applications.

Partitioning and Disk Optimization

Advance partitioning functions handle any hard disk partitioning task, and help make optimal use of the available hard disk space. No matter whether you’re preparing a hard disk for use with multiple operating systems or redistributing storage space among several different partitions, you can always get top performance out of SSDs and hard disks with 4k sectors and RAID volumes, thanks to automatic partition alignment. Paragon ConnectVD allows you to work with virtual hard drives and is an indispensable function for anyone who uses virtual environments. ConnectVD makes it easy to manage virtual drives – for anything from partitioning or MFT defragmentation to data exchange. Advanced mode puts precise analysis and repair tools at your fingertips, allowing you to fix boot problems or analyze a hard drive’s status.

Paragon Recovery Media

If your operating system won’t boot up anymore, you can fire up your PC with the bootable Paragon recovery environment, and load in an existing backup, secure important data, or rectify boot errors. The new integrated Recovery Media Builder 3.0 makes it extremely easy and flexible to create your own personal recovery environment. And thanks to the latest WinPE technology, the recovery environment is also intuitive to operate.

Secure Data Destruction

Protect your company’s data when you’re retiring an old hard drive. Deleted data can be restored by pros and novices alike – Using Paragon’s military grade wiping algorithms will protect and free up storage space, making sure the data’s been deleted once and for all. Hard Disk Manager 15 now supports wiping functions for SSDs, and erases SSD data safely, without shortening the SSD’s service life!

Supported Operating Systems Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2012 R1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 2011 Small Business Server, Windows Server 2008 Family, Windows Server 2003 Family, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server Family
Supported Hypervisors for Connect VD Vmware ESX 4.X, 5.X, ESXi 4.X, ESXi 5.x
Supported Virtual Hard Drive Types Vmware VMDK, Microsoft VHD, Oracle VDI, Paragon PBF/pVHD
Supported Storages Large format, AFD, Non-512B sector, SSD, HDD, All CD/DVD+R/RW
Supported Partitioning Schemes Windows Storage Spaces, MBR, GPT, Microsoft Dynamic Disk
For WinPE1 environment Min Intel Pentium PIII 1000MHz, 1GB RAM, SVGA, Mouse
Supported Virtual Machines for P2V Scenarios Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft HyperV, Vmware Workstation 10.0, Vmware Fusion, Wmware ESX Server, Oracle VirtualBox 4.0
Supported Computer Bus Interfaces Parallel ATA, SATA, eSATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, all types of RAIDs, PC or PCMCIA Card
Supported File Systems reFS, Bitblocker encrypted, NTFS v1.2 v3.0 v3.1, FAT16, FAT32, Linux Ext2FS, Ext3FS, Ext4FS, Linux Swap, Apple HFS+, others in sector by sector mode
Express Launcher provides quick and easy access to wizards and utilities that we consider worth using on a regular basis. With its help you can also start up the traditional launcher, the help system or go to the program’s home page.
Main Launcher helps to run wizards and dialogs, to specify program settings, to visualize the operating environment and the hard disk configuration.
Split Partition Wizard
This wizard helps you to split one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system. If you’d like to separate OS and data or different types of data it’s exactly what you need. The wizard offers much flexibility – you can select any files and/or folders you want to be on the new partition. Besides you’ve got the option to redistribute free space between the two partitions.
Merge Partitions Wizard
The wizard enables to consolidate the disk space, which originally belongs to two adjacent partitions, into a single, larger partition. The program provides the ability to merge only NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32 partitions.
Backup to Virtual Disk Wizard
The wizard helps you to back up entire hard disks, separate partitions or selected files and folders to a virtual disk container.
Incremental Backup to VD Wizard allows creation of complex incremental chains, where each new increment describes the changes between the current state of the backup object (the entire system, a particular disk or volume) and the previous state. Moreover there’s the option to create several chains based on one base image, provided each chain contains changed data of a particular object(s).
Restore from Virtual Disk Wizard
helps to restore entire hard disks, separate volumes, or particular files/folders from a previously created virtual container (pVHD, VMDK, VHD) either to the original or new location.
P2V (Physical to Virtual) – Restore Wizard
lets you turn your pVHD-based backup into a virtual machine with ease. Whereas earlier virtualization operations required you to set time-consuming background processes to adapt the structure of your backup and a virtual environment, with a pVHD backup, all you have to do is “unpack” it.
P2V (Physical to Virtual) – Adjust Wizard
This wizard will help you adjust Windows OS inside your virtual disk to a new virtual machine
P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) – Copy Wizard
The wizard will help you copy entire hard disks or separate volumes to a new virtual machine.
The Hard Disk Manager 15 includes a new function for backing up MS Hyper-V guest systems without using an agent. For instance, if you are working on one or more Hyper-V guest systems on your Windows computer, you can use the Hard Disk Manager’s backup tools to automatically back these systems up.
System Migration
The utility Migrate OS to SSD will help you copy the operating system, programs and data to another HDD or SSD.
Wipe Wizard
helps to irreversibly destroy all on-disk information or only remnants of deleted files/directories left on disk without affecting the used data. Updated disk wiping technology now gives you deletion functions for SSDs and erases SSD data safely without shortening the SSD’s service life!
Recovery Media Builder 3.0
The user-friendly program assistant helps you prepare either Linux or WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive or in an ISO image format. The rescue media will allow start up of your computer for maintenance or recovery purposes when OS is corrupted or cannot be used.
WinPE Bootable Recovery Environment
If disaster strikes, you will always have Paragon’s tools for hard disk editing or data rescue at your fingertips – even if your system won’t boot up anymore. Just restart your PC using your previously created “Rescue USB-Stick” or “Recovery CD/DVD” and you have a number of useful features for backup and restore your system and data.
Product Datasheet
Hard Disk Manager 15 IT Essentials Toolkit

HDM15 – IT Essentials Tool Kit

 Description Part Number Product Details MSRP
HDM15 – IT Essentials Tool Kit – 1 Year Site License – Up to 25 Seats 299PMETLAS2 1 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $399
HDM15 – IT Essentials Tool Kit – 3 Year Site License – Up to 25 Seats 299PMETLAS23 3 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $798
HDM15  – IT  Essentials Tool Kit – 1 Year Site License – 26 to 50 Seats 299PMETLAS50 1 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $699
HDM15  – IT  Essentials Tool Kit – 3 Year Site License – 26 to 50 Seats 299PMETLAS53 3 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $1,398
HDM15  – IT Essentials Tool Kit – 1 Year Site License – 51 to 100 Seats 299PMETLAS100 1 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $1,299
HDM15 – IT Essentials Tool Kit – 3 Year Site License – 51 to 100 Seats 299PMETLAS103 3 year Term Site license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $2,598
HDM15  – Service Providers IT Tool Kit – 1 Year  License for use at up to 10 Client Sites 299PMETLAMSP 1 year Term Service Providers license  – *All-in-One Solution *Imaging and Deployment *Migration and Virtualization *Partitioning and Disk Optimization *Paragon Recovery Medium *Secure Data Destruction $499
HDM15 Enterprise IT Tool Kit – 1 Year 299PMETLAE1 1 Year Term license – Custom Configuration of Servers and Workstations within North America – Multiple Techs, Multiple Locations – CALL For Custom Quote $99,999

Retention Wizard for VD guides users through the process of setting up scheduled backups, while defining a storage location and retention values for ongoing backups.
Note: Available within the Professional, Business and Premium Editions of Hard Disk Manager

Migrate OS to SSD guides users through the process of setting up a migration from a larger hard disk drive, to a much smaller solid state drive, while only moving required system partitions for the Windows operating system to properly boot. It will allow a user to unselect files and folders if the source hard disk drive has more data that will fit to the destination SSD.
Note: Migrate OS to SSD will work with most Standard Windows installations.

Connect a Virtual Disk allows users to perform operations such as Backup, Partitioning, Copy/Migration, or Virualization.
Note: Available within the Professional, Business and Premium Editions of Hard Disk Manager