Aligning with the Future of Storage – by Thomas M. Coughlin

Measurably improve system performance by eliminating misaligned drive partitions in physical or virtual servers – with zero downtime.

White Paper Overview: Storage system performance depends on many factors. One of them is a properly configured partitioning scheme. Using Advanced Format, high-capacity 4K drives in physical or virtual environments running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, as well as earlier versions of Windows operating systems may misalign 4K drives with an offset 1 sector, causing redundant read/write operations that degrade performance.

Performance loss usually ranges between 20 and 40%, which is a problem in the best of cases, but can contribute to catastrophic issues during peak times. Using Paragon Software’s new Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) 3.0 to re-align drives in a physical or virtual environment regains drive performance of storage systems and applications, and restores the longevity of the drives, particularly Solid State Drives (SSDs).

About the Author: Tom Coughlin, the founder of Coughlin Associates has over 30 years of magnetic recording engineering and engineering management experience. As the founder of the Creative Storage conferences, he has published over 70 articles, reports, technical papers and presentations.

Key topics:

  • What is Partition Alignment?
  • How misaligned partitions affect virtual environments
  • How misaligned partitions affect hard disk imaging
  • How misaligned partitions affect Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • How misaligned partitions affect SAN and RAID
  • How the Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) realigns drives

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