Paragon Technology chosen for the International Space Station

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Paragon’s disk management technology is now orbiting the earth on board the International Space Station (ISS), ensuring the safety of data obtained in NASA’s human research programs. Bio-astronautics personnel at Wyle, an ISS prime contractor, evaluated several backup and recovery tools for the astronauts to use to secure the data obtained in research. Of the tools available, Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager 11 came closest to meeting the project’s needs. The Paragon team stepped in to close the gap, providing a customized solution which minimized user interaction. Wyle selected Paragon’s HDM 11 following a rigorous regimen of simulated spaceflight software qualification and acceptance testing.

“At Paragon, we provide our clients with superior customer service regardless of where they are — now that extends to outer space.”

Tom Fedro, President, Paragon Software Group          

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“After evaluating the product for ease of use, speed of repartitioning, cost, and support, we determined that this product best fit our requirements” — Trey Fischer, Senior Systems Engineer, Rackspace
“Paragon’s backup and restore software has proven itself many times over with quick, easy and reliable recoveries.” — Doug Dragich, Systems Engineer, Rand Worldwide
“Of the four products we tested, Paragon’s Partition Manager 11 was the only one that provided the powerful scripting capabilities we needed... Paragon’s Partition Manager is one of the best tools we’ve ever purchased… Their technical support and assistance with scripting was a huge benefit.” - Robert Auten, Client Engineer, J.B. Hunt
“The whole package is what we needed; with a small IT department it is a time-saver for new deployments — we just set it and forget it!” — Thomas Adams, Desktop Technician

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